Choosing the Right RV Storage Facility Is a Must

Have you always dreamed of hitting the open road for adventures, vacations and spontaneous discovery? Maybe you have saved money week-by-week, doling it away to a dedicated account, to prepare for the day you could pick and choose your very own hotel on wheels. Investing in a recreational vehicle (RV) is a tremendous move toward a future of fun and excitement, but storing it can be a real headache for just about anyone. Most communities have specific rules when it comes to storing RVs, and this is rightfully so. They look like paradise on wheels for owners, but act as attractive nuisances where children or even adults might be tempted to play in them. In order to ensure that such vehicles remain free from vagrants, do not present hazards to friends and family and do not add to property clutter, most communities require special sheds or off-site storage.

The best alternative to building expensive shelters for your RVs is a dedicated storage facility designed to meet the needs of the vehicles and their owners. RV storage should be available in well-lit areas with passcode-protected gates, durable fences and video surveillance. With proper storage for your RV, you might also gain a suitable place for storing away all of our travel equipment.

You may take tents, camp stoves, specific clothing, blankets, and chairs and other useful items with you when you head out on the holiday road. These things take up a great deal of space in attics, garages and utility closets. Meanwhile, pulling them out when you need them can be tedious and time consuming. Storing them within the RV for which you pay only a small monthly fee to store means saving valuable home space without added expense.

People who opt to keep their RVs on their own property put themselves at considerable risk as such vehicles are both liabilities and likely to be targeted for theft. Most owners drive RVs infrequently. Choosing to store one away helps to maintain the general aesthetic of the home property and ensure that the RV will safe and untouched until such time that it should be used. On top of the other liabilities associated with owning an RV is the risk factor associated with friends and neighbors who may want to borrow your favorite vacation vehicle. So long as your RV is in clear view, it is inevitable that those you love will think about what it must be like to travel long distances without ever worrying that a place to rest will not be available.

Keeping your RV safe between adventures should be a top concern. For more information on RV storage in Salinas, please visit this website.

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Cool and Collected

California is known for extreme heat at times. Don’t let delicate items made from paper, leather or wood suffer damage in your garage—keep them in a climate-controlled storage unit instead.


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What Are the Differences Between Wet and Dry Boat Storage?

Few things are as exciting as piloting your own boat. Some people choose more tranquil drive styles while others are drawn to speed and power. Whatever type of boat you have, there will be times you need to store it. Wet and dry boat storage are the most basic options for housing boats that are not in use.

1.    Wet Storage

Marinas that rest boats in water with dock access are considered wet storage facilities. One advantage to a wet slip is that it allows the owner to put the boat to use at what is essentially a moment’s notice, so long as everything is in working order. In many cases electricity is available, and this helps to ensure that batteries and other items are ready to go.

2.    Dry Storage

Many people who plan to be away from their boat for long periods of time opt for dry storage. Boats housed in this way are often lifted by pulley to rest in the lofts of shelters. There they are protected from the elements, and this helps to prolong the beauty of their fixtures, surfaces and upholsteries. Also, while wet stored boats may become corroded by water or covered by living matter such as oysters, barnacles and/or algae, dry stored boats remain relatively clean. One drawback is that returning them to the water can be time consuming and require added labor.

The type of storage you choose depends on many factors. For more information on boat storage in Salinas, please visit this website.

boat storage

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World Class Capital Group/Great Value Storage Acquires 3-Property Self-Storage Portfolio in Jackson, MS

Real estate investment firm World Class Capital Group LLC (WCCG) recently purchased a three-property self-storage portfolio in the Jackson, Miss., Metropolitan Statistical Area… read more

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Three Benefits of Using U-Haul for Moving

Many people presume that they will save time and money if they hire professionals to do everything for them. In most cases, though, renting a U-Haul makes better sense for short or long moves and everything in between.

1.    Control of Your Belongings

No one will ever value your belongings more than you do. For whatever reason, each thing you care enough to move holds specific value for you. If you want to ensure that your valuables are handled exactly as they should be, you ought to remember the old adage, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

2.    Managing Your Costs

On top of everything else, professional movers charge for every little thing that is used to protect your belongings. Furthermore, most movers have specific requirements and levy fees per item if those expectations are not met. If you do not wrap each item as they stipulate, they will do it for you, charging for labor and materials as they do. Many moving materials can be acquired for free when you move yourself. With your own methods and protective wrappings involved, getting out on your own time is simplified.

3.    Making Your Own Timeline

While some people are intimidated by making a move on their own, many find that the drive across town or across the country helps expose them to the world and the community. U-Haul memories have become part of our cultural understanding of the terrain of the United States and the subcultures that culminate under the heading American.

Visit this website to learn more about U-Haul dealer in Salinas.


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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When it comes to moving or storing your belongings, the box you choose is as important as its contents. Heavy objects should be placed in smaller boxes. Long, slender boxes are great for irregular-shaped items.


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Inside Self-Storage Releases Slideshow on 2015 Top-Operator Data

Inside Self-Storage (ISS) has released a slideshow focusing on key data from its 2015 Top-Operators List… read more

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