What Five Things Need Climate Controlled Storage?

You have decided you need more storage space, but how do you know if you need a basic or temperature regulated unit? Consider how long you plan on using it, what items you need to store and even where you live when making your decision. If your storage needs are long-term or you live in a part of the country that has extreme weather conditions and high humidity, thenclimate controlled storage is the solution for you. Here is a list of five things that require temperature and humidity regulated storage:

  • Furniture

Leather furniture will start to discolor over time, while wood furniture can crack and warp with too much heat, cold or humidity.

  • Collectibles

Your coin, stamp and comic collections only retain their value when they have been properly store and maintained.

  • Documents and Paper Records

Do you know why old documents are discolored and falling apart? They weren’t stored in ideal temperature and humidity conditions.

  • Art and Photos

Using climate controlled storage will keep the colors bright in your artwork and family pictures, just like museums do.

  • Wine

You wine collection won’t be so fine if it has oxidized. Maintain its quality with heated and cooled storage.

Make your storage work for you and preserve your items at same time. To learn more about climate controlled storage with Business Storage Company in Santa Cruz, visit this website.

Storage Comapny


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